Eva’s Going To Burn Me

14 May

I’m dreading today’s CrossFit!


Five rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
2 pood Kettlebell swing, 30 reps
30 Pull-ups

I’m down with the 1/2 mile runs and the Kettlebell swings (which, honestly, I’ll have to scale.)  I’m even down with the pullups.  What concerns me is the VOLUME of pullups; five rounds of 30 pullups each round equates to ONE HUNDRED FIFTY pullups at the end of it all.  And the only way to complete this is to kip my pullups.  History has shown me that when I kip, I rip.  And I’m not talking farts.  My SKIN literally gets ripped off.

I’ve tried everything from heavy chalking to taping but I still end up bleeding with a piece of dangling skin.  See that spot of black seeping through the tape?  That would be blood.

I know the simple solution would be to wear gloves to PREVENT skin rips and calluses.  Been there, done that, it didn’t work.  Plus, Rippetoe says, “The only legitimate use for a glove is to cover an injury… A desire to prevent callus formation (possibly so as to not snag one’s pantyhose) does not constitute a legitimate use. And if you do insist on wearing gloves, make sure they match your purse.”  Luckily for me, my gender is such that I can actually get away with carrying a purse to the gym.

Wish me luck.  Eva’s gonna rip me a new one.


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