Box Jumps Meet Log Jumps

22 May

CrossFit is fun (well, when the WOD is finally over with) but I’ve been interested in seeing how the program influences my outdoor activities.  One of Ryan and my long term goals (like within 2-3 years) is to acquire enough skills to complete an unsupported, week-long expedition race.

In an effort to prep for an Expedition, we’re going to start with the simpler Adventure Races.  (But in order to start Adventure Racing, we’ve got to start trail running, mountain biking, and kayaking.  I’m like the person that wants to run a marathon but has never run a 5k… it’s all about the baby steps, you know?)

For the first time since starting CrossFit 3 months ago, I was able to FEEL the positive effects in other activities not directly related to CrossFit when I went for a 5k trail run in Wissahickon.  The difference between road running and trail running is astounding.  In road running, I can check out and let my mind wander until I have to cross the street.  Trail running was, for me, the running equivalent to riding a fixed gear bike.  Every step was thought out.  I had to slow down on slippery downhills, avoid jutting roots, jump over fallen trees.

When my heart rate spiked on steep climbs, I thought, “Remember that time you had to complete 70 burpees in one set?  Your heart will be FINE.”

When I had to jump up and over a log that was nearly hip-high, I completed it like I would a box jump.

My agility, balance, and coordination skills (3 out of the 10 CrossFit General Physical Skills) served me well when I had to dodge roots and rocks.

It feels GREAT to know that not only have I toned up a little bit but I’ve also developed skills that come in handy in activities that I enjoy so much.

But, FEELING is only half of the equation for me.  I like numbers, I like results.  So here are the numbers:
My slowest mile was a 12:06 min/mile.  At first I was disappointed but after looking at my graphs, I noticed that my pace and the change in elevation were inversely related.  So, when I started to climb my pace dropped significantly.  Makes sense.

I felt better knowing that my overall average pace was 10:50 min/mile which, though indeed slooow, it’s not that bad (for me) considering that my McMillan tempo pace tops out at 10:03 min/mi.  So I was 47 seconds slower per mile than my “forever pace.”  I’ll take it.


2 Responses to “Box Jumps Meet Log Jumps”

  1. Alli June 23, 2010 at 02:46 #

    I didn’t know other people had forever paces! I’m normally just a lurker but that seemed, um, neat (this comment is getting worse and worse), so I had to say something!

    • jessicamacho June 24, 2010 at 15:32 #

      Thanks, Alli! I’m not what I would consider a “natural runner” or anything so I come up with a quirky method of categorizing my runs and paces!

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