I Met Fran

25 May

One of CrossFit’s benchmark workouts, “Fran,” seems so easy on paper.  It’s “just:”

3 Sets, of 21-15-9 reps, for time of:

65# Thrusters

The Rx’d weight for women was 65# for the conditioned athlete.  Intermediates were suggested to sub 45# Thrusters (which I did.)

I watched Ryan complete Fran first.  I kept wondering why he couldn’t just muscle out 3 pullups at the very end.  I mean, really, it’s “just” THREE pullups.  And then when it was time up on the bar, it all made sense.  If you watch the vid, you can see me tell myself “One more.  Just ONE more.”  One rep, two reps, three reps NEVER seemed SO hard.

My overall time was 9:57 minutes.  I hope to decrease that to sub 8 minutes.  I know I could if only I could get the hang of linking my kipping pullups together.  Once I reach a sub 8 minute Fran, then I’ll up the weight.  That’s the plan, anyway.


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