Define “Success”

3 Jun

Success is important paramount to my mental well-being.  I.LIKE.TO.SUCCEED.

Period. Exclamation mark!

So, one would think that I’d just be over-the-moon chillin’ up on Cloud 9 somewhere after finding out, earlier this week, that I not only reached my pre- winter hibernation goal weight of 112 lbs but I plowed right through it and ended up at 108 lbs.  Wait… WHAT?

I should be ECSTATIC, right?  (Don’t get me wrong… at first I was pleasantly surprised and giddy at the numbers because I only allow myself to get weighed once a month.  And the last time I was on a scale, the numbers were going back up while my motivation was going back down.)  And then it occurred to me:

I work too damn hard in the gym and with my nutrition to let my “success” be dictated by some lame number on a scale.  Screw that.  I need to redefine my idea of SUCCESS.

Success is being able to button up my jeans that previously couldn’t be pulled over my thighs 3 months ago.  Who cares if the weight is 108 vs 112 vs 117 vs 120… if the jeans fit, the jeans fit.

SUCCESS is getting my Saucony’s out on the pavement for a 3-miler despite the dreaded humidity and the fact that I just hate running in general.

SUCCESS is choosing the bowl of oatmeal and blueberries and some scrambled eggs instead of an egg,bacon, and cheese bagel sandwich.  Trust me, I’m a girl that can put down a cheddar bacon egg sandwich.

SUCCESS is staying on my study schedule for my CSCS exam in December… even if I did need the help of a cup of coffee to get through 5 measly pages.

Some days my success is BIG – like completing 75 reps of low-weight power snatches in my goal of sub 10 minutes.  More often my success is small, but success none the less, like those mornings when I drag my ass out of bed in the morning to fit in a workout before the day takes off.

My success is more than just a number on a scale.  It is the culmination of hard work, dedication, and a strong-will.  So, screw the number on the scale.  It’s easier said than done but once I fully and completely free my mind from the number on the scale, for me that would be the ULTIMATE in success.


2 Responses to “Define “Success””

  1. Amanda April 7, 2011 at 22:34 #

    You are awesome! I have definitely bookmarked this blog. And those are nice jeans – where are they from?

    • jessicamacho April 8, 2011 at 17:19 #

      Hi, Amanda! Thanks for reading! I got this pair of True Religions from Buffalo Exchange in Los Angeles. 🙂

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