Pervy Pullups

20 Aug

If only I could get away with doing strict, dead-hang pullups in CrossFit WODs!  Here I am about 5 months after being introduced to the kipping pullup and I have STILL not yet mastered the move.  I’ve got pullups down.  Heck, I’ve got weighted pullups down.  But, still no consistent kips.  And if I want to go fast, I have no choice but to nail down these kips!!

The horizontal, forward motion of the standard kip always seems to be where I lose form.  So, I think I’ll just cut down on the standard kips and move right on into the butterfly kip.  The butterfly kips are faster with what seems to be less forward swinging so I think there is a chance I’ll pick up the motion faster.

I have to admit, the butterfly kip looks WAY more perverted than the standard kip.  I already get questions at the gym with just the standard kip.  And when Ryan is doing the butterfly kip, the immature 15 year old in me CRACKS up laughing every.single.time.  I can’t help it!  He looks like he’s air humping.

I can’t imagine what I look like… so I had Ryan film me.  Oh, my.  This definitely looks pervy.  (Of course, the background music had to be equally pervy.)

Here’s a good vid by MaxCrossfit demonstrating the difference between the standard kip and the butterfly kip.


2 Responses to “Pervy Pullups”

  1. Fitness Fabulous August 21, 2010 at 10:57 #

    Don’t stop trying, you are getting there soon!

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