Don’t Upset The Rhythm

22 Sep

Last month I got the closest I’ve ever gotten to a legitimate Toes To Bar (TTB), kipping of course.  Things just… clicked!  It’s weird swinging away from the bar and seeing it almost entirely out in front of you.  I need to work on “folding” up more, I know.  But, I feel it’s a huge progress just getting my toes up that high.

And I’d like to emphasize for anyone not familiar with CrossFit… the *kipping* TTB is less about abs development and more about hip drive, hip drive, hip drive.  It’s about speed and power.  It’s about getting your toes to touch the bar for a lot of reps… AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.  So, yes, I swing.  In this clip, I’m experimenting with techniques:  Bring my toes up all at once?  Bring the knees to elbows and then flick the toes up after?  All that will work itself out later, for now I’m just working on keeping the rhythm.

Patrick Cummings of Again Faster gives a pretty good tutorial on the kipping TTB here.  After watching it, I can see I need to work on closing the lats more as I bring the legs up.  Who knew kipping could be so… involved.


One Response to “Don’t Upset The Rhythm”

  1. Ryan September 24, 2010 at 09:50 #

    Those look awesome. It’s amazing how much progress you can make in a matter of weeks in all of these movements. Congrats on getting your T2B down!

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