The Dirty Dozen

22 Sep

I’m baaack!!!

It’s been a weird past month for me.  Summer’s time limit has me feeling pressured to go OUTSIDE and play in the sand, ride my bike, trail run.  My Strength & Conditioning exam has me feeling pressured to stay inside and study.  My never-ending pile of gym laundry has me feeling like a Hoarder.  And somewhere in between all that I’ve had to MAKE time to CrossFit.  So, mentally, I feel like I was half-assing my WOD.  But, physically, I’ve been setting PR’s like crazy!  And now I’m just confused!

Lots to catch up on… For starters,  completed my first “Dirty Dozen” today.  I think of it as the “Filthy Fifty’s” not-so-hotter, younger sister.

You know you’ve turned a new leaf in CrossFit when you can bust out a set of Double Unders, Knees-to-Elbows, and Butterfly Kip pullups all faster than you can crank out one set of Box Jumps!!!  Oh, and my latest hate is Wall Ball.  Though, that may just be because I wall ball in a hot and humid stairwell that smells of yesterday’s bacon first thing in the morning.  :o|  I always feel nauseous in there.


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