Ramp Up to my Paleo Experiment

9 Oct

I’ve decided to give Paleo a whirl, partly out of wanting a new challenge (as if CrossFit isn’t challenging enough) and partly out of curiosity.

I’m very slow to make nutritional changes because once I commit to a nutritional plan for a certain amount of time, I am COMMITTED.  My current Clean Eating / Zone diet has been 3 years in the making.  It started with just cutting out HFCS and has slowly progressed into what it is now.  So, now I’m just curious if Paleo will be better for me or not.  And I won’t know until I try it out for myself.

I’ve been ramping up this past month but before taking my 30 Day strict Paleo plunge, I first need to educate myself to see if I agree with the logic and reasoning behind it all.  I don’t like cutting things out (i.e. “dieting”) but then again I’ve completely cut out processed foods and I’ve been all the better for it.  So, Paleo deserves a try.  I’ve got Robb Wolf’s “The Paleo Solution” as well as Mark Sisson’s “The Primal Blueprint Cookbook” ordered and on the way.

Can’t wait to dig in!!  I’ve already been trying some of Sisson’s recipes from his blog “Mark’s Daily Apple” and I’ve been most impressed.  I anticipate being locked and loaded by November!


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