The Accidental Paleo Pizza

31 Jan

A girl can come up with some creative (albeit accidental) Paleo foods when her pantry is getting bare and she is easily distracted.  Case in point:  my Accidental Paleo… uh, Pizza.


  1. Sautee whatever leftover meat & veggies you have in the ol’ ice box then set aside for an omelete.
  2. Crack, beat, pour 2 eggs into a skillet.
  3. Get distracted texting friends and forget you’re cooking an omelete until the eggs completely cook through and become slightly crisp on the bottom.  It should resemble a pancake – a paleo pancake.
  4. Say, “Ah!  Whatever, it still works” and pour some tomato sauce on top of the egg “crust.”
  5. Dump already sauteed veggies on top of the sauce.

Ta-da!  The Accidental Paleo Pizza.  Isn’t this kind of how sandwiches were invented?

(Stop.  Rewind.  I just google’d “Paleo Pizza” and it appears this breakfast pizza really does exist!  Check out Everyday Paleo’s much less accidental recipe.  Looks yum.)


One Response to “The Accidental Paleo Pizza”

  1. madfattergirl February 9, 2011 at 19:05 #

    This is the second blog I left a comment on that didn’t post. I can’t remember what I said other than that looks good! =D

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