My Epic Intermission

15 Jun

My life has been nothing short of a whirlwind of the epic variety for the past month. For starters, Ryan and I have moved from Philadelphia to Colorado! (Actually, we are STILL in the process of relocating. We can’t move in to the home we’re renting until August. Oh, poop. I guess we’ll just have to travel to kill time. Didn’t expect this entirely but… me complain? Never!)

So here is a snapshot of what I’ve been up to since May 8th and a preview of what I’ll be doing up until August 1st.

Obviously, my CrossFit 5x/week schedule is, well, a little off-schedule. I can tell I’m weaker and slower but I keep reminding myself that in addition to being an end in itself, CrossFit is also a means to an end. I CrossFit so I can mountain bike, trail run, snowboard, hike. And I’m currently doing most of that right now so I’m content. But, oh, I do miss my CrossFit sessions. Can’t wait to get back under a bar.


One Response to “My Epic Intermission”

  1. Shonnie June 20, 2011 at 10:43 #

    I was wonering what you’ve been up to. I will be in Colorado the week of the 4th. We are very excited to see how much we can do now that I am 69.5 pounds lighter. Enjoy all that playing!! ūüôā

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