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House Of Air

20 Jul

Screw Chuck-E-Cheeses (cheese is so not Paleo, anyway.) House of Air is where a kid (and everyone else) can be a kid.

About a year or two back, I came across gymnast and CrossFit coach Carl Paoli‘s video submission for American Ninja Warrior on CrossFit’s mainsite. Completely intrigued by flips (and “stuff”) and being the Google extraordinaire that I am *cough*, I later came across this video of Carl jumping at an indoor trampoline park on Brian McKenzie‘s, creator of CrossFit Endurance, blog . Wow, I just made myself sound like a total internet stalker. Awesome.

Living in frigid Philadelphia at the time, I figured House of Air would be a perfect excuse to visit sunny California and San Francisco. And so I went with Ryan last week. We got some ultra chic wrestling slash jumping shoes:

And we rented a board because, hey, why not practice some snowboard jumps, flips, and grabs while we were at it?

And then we got right to it:

I found that KStar‘s hip mobility WODs come in quite handy when it comes to board grabs. Sorry for the in-your-face ook picture (I’m gonna get an earful from Mom later this week) but I’m merely demonstrating the importance of hip mobility here. My personal favorite is his 10-minute Paleo chair squat test. I sit in this position in the living room regularly. I like to think it helps with board grabs.

My only complaint about House of Air is that it caters more to young children during open jump times, which is fine, it’s fun. It would’ve been nice to have an older kid/adult area to practice some stuff without hearing, “Sir, no flips over the blue mat,” “Hey, you guys, you have to land on both feet before flipping,” “Are you hurt??” I mean, I get, I do; the workers were just doing their job and safety is important. I’m just saying we’re adults and we signed a waiver – it would be cool if we could practice some techniques away from 7 year olds. Nevertheless, we both had a blast. I worked on air awareness and grabs while Ryan nailed some flips. I think I’m putting a trampoline on the wishlist.


My Epic Intermission

15 Jun

My life has been nothing short of a whirlwind of the epic variety for the past month. For starters, Ryan and I have moved from Philadelphia to Colorado! (Actually, we are STILL in the process of relocating. We can’t move in to the home we’re renting until August. Oh, poop. I guess we’ll just have to travel to kill time. Didn’t expect this entirely but… me complain? Never!)

So here is a snapshot of what I’ve been up to since May 8th and a preview of what I’ll be doing up until August 1st.

Obviously, my CrossFit 5x/week schedule is, well, a little off-schedule. I can tell I’m weaker and slower but I keep reminding myself that in addition to being an end in itself, CrossFit is also a means to an end. I CrossFit so I can mountain bike, trail run, snowboard, hike. And I’m currently doing most of that right now so I’m content. But, oh, I do miss my CrossFit sessions. Can’t wait to get back under a bar.