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Reebok CrossFit Games 2011

12 Aug

The move to Colorado was delayed a week in order to attend the annual CrossFit Games… actually, it’s called the Reebok|CrosssFit Games now. Formality aside, I know it as the convention of fit hard-bodies. Everywhere you looked it was traps! deltoids! six-pack abs! and solid bums! made for oly lifting, sprinting, weighted pullups, and sled-pushing.

The energy was INFECTIOUS. It’s kind of pointless to write about it because it’s just one of those events you just have to experience. Not only could you watch these insanely fit athletes compete in an arena (yes, kind of like Spartacus but no one literally dies), but there was also bull-riding, stand-up paddling, coaching from Rob Orlando (yes, please,) workout gear shopping, jump-rope fitting, and CrossFit web-celebs to be met. In fact, it was at the CrossFit Games that I got to reunite with Joe Petrusky from CrossFit Love and hilarious and witty blogger, Fitbomb. For anyone that didn’t know, Fitbomb’s wife is the culinary genius behind NomNom Paleo (sometimes when I’m hungry, I go to her blog and drool at the pictures.)

Ryan "@deckerra" Decker, Joe Petrusky (owner of CrossFit Love), and me.

Henry "@fitbomb" and me!

Anyway, here is a very, very, very small collection of images. I got a little shutter happy (I’ve seen 6-pack abs before just not THAT many all in one location.)


Box-Crash: StoneWay CrossFit

8 Jul

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You will not find community like that of CrossFit. While passing through Seattle, WA, on this whirlwind cross-country tour, I was invited by Stoneway CrossFit box owner, Scott Rodriguez and fellow tweeps Katie and Heather to drop in for a WOD with coach Jess Fleming.

I took them up on the offer (and the opportunity to meet some tweeps in person!) and scheduled my touristy day of Pike Place Market, Space Needle, and Puget Sound around their 5 o’clock WOD. We started off with stretches and dynamic warmup which included wall walks (which, by the way, are harder than they appear!!) Then we worked in some 3×3 sets (at prescribed percentages of our 1RM) of either squats, deadlifts, or press.

Thanks to Katie Chasey for snapping this pic!

And then it was WOD time:
200m sprint
100 situps
75 pushups
100 air squats
200m sprint

Let me just come out with it and make it known: 2 months of nearly non-stopping roadtripping, less-than-ideal Paleo nutrition, and no WODs make for a very out-of-shape girl. But, coach Jess kept the encouragement coming and everyone there was SO upbeat and encouraging.

And here is the part where I say it yet again: You’re not going to find community like THIS anywhere else.

HUGE thanks to the StoneWay crew for letting Ryan and me box-crash! It was much-needed for me and very much enjoyed.

The Dirty Dozen

22 Sep

I’m baaack!!!

It’s been a weird past month for me.  Summer’s time limit has me feeling pressured to go OUTSIDE and play in the sand, ride my bike, trail run.  My Strength & Conditioning exam has me feeling pressured to stay inside and study.  My never-ending pile of gym laundry has me feeling like a Hoarder.  And somewhere in between all that I’ve had to MAKE time to CrossFit.  So, mentally, I feel like I was half-assing my WOD.  But, physically, I’ve been setting PR’s like crazy!  And now I’m just confused!

Lots to catch up on… For starters,  completed my first “Dirty Dozen” today.  I think of it as the “Filthy Fifty’s” not-so-hotter, younger sister.

You know you’ve turned a new leaf in CrossFit when you can bust out a set of Double Unders, Knees-to-Elbows, and Butterfly Kip pullups all faster than you can crank out one set of Box Jumps!!!  Oh, and my latest hate is Wall Ball.  Though, that may just be because I wall ball in a hot and humid stairwell that smells of yesterday’s bacon first thing in the morning.  :o|  I always feel nauseous in there.

A Date with “Angie”

21 Aug

I completed my first “Angie” WOD! (Well, almost.  It was mostly as Rx’d.)

I don’t know why but I was SO so so nervous the entire morning before the WOD.  I found this a little weird because, well, I CrossFit with just Ryan, not in a group and not in an affiliate box.  I guess I was just anxious because I knew this would be a benchmark workout and I didn’t want to fail myself.

I was SCARED.  Scared because I KNEW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that at some point during that workout I would want to QUIT.  I knew it was going to hurt, I was going to burn, my muscles would want to give out, I would want to quit.  I knew I would have to dig deep and confront myself… my weak self.  And the thought of that was kind of… scary.

It’s weird how CrossFit will bring out the competitor in you.  I’m constantly afraid (maybe “afraid” isn’t quite the right word) of letting of MYSELF down.

Anyway, the “Angie” WOD is:
100 Pullups
100 Pushups
100 Situps
100 Squats

For time!  Aaah!

As expected, pullups took me the longest.  I did 60 unassisted pullups (a combo of kip and strict) and 40 band assisted total.  Everything else was as Rx’d.

My times:
14:47 min for Pullups
10:22 min for Pushups
3:58 min for Situps
4:08 min for Squats

33:09 min total for “Angie”


Oh, and this is totally unrelated to CrossFit but my picture above reminded me of the Stop CMV Awareness movement.  If you’re a woman, whether you CrossFit or not, it’s good to at least be aware of Cytomegalovirus!



19 Aug

I skipped last week’s “Nate” WOD.  I have a thing against working out while exhausted… I usually end up hurting myself due to sloppy form or just getting in a half-arsed craptastic workout with only half of my mind in the game.  (I’m one of those “all or nothing” types.)

So, instead of the Rx’d “Rest Day,” I did last week’s “Nate” instead… i did the WOD, not some guy named Nate.  (Just wanted to make that ultra clear.)

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
(2) Muscle Ups
(4) Handstand Pushups
(8) Kettlebell swings, 2 pood

I subbed 1 pood instead of 2 poods (because, hello, I am no Kristan Clever!)

I was more than pleased with my muscle up progression.  It’s been a while since I’ve been on the rings so I wasn’t sure if I’d need any band assistance.  But, I was able to warm up with THREE (hey, cool!) consecutive muscle ups.  I got through 4 solid rounds of “Nate” before having to ask Ryan for a spot and finished with 8 rounds total.  I’m cool with that.

I Met Fran

25 May

One of CrossFit’s benchmark workouts, “Fran,” seems so easy on paper.  It’s “just:”

3 Sets, of 21-15-9 reps, for time of:

65# Thrusters

The Rx’d weight for women was 65# for the conditioned athlete.  Intermediates were suggested to sub 45# Thrusters (which I did.)

I watched Ryan complete Fran first.  I kept wondering why he couldn’t just muscle out 3 pullups at the very end.  I mean, really, it’s “just” THREE pullups.  And then when it was time up on the bar, it all made sense.  If you watch the vid, you can see me tell myself “One more.  Just ONE more.”  One rep, two reps, three reps NEVER seemed SO hard.

My overall time was 9:57 minutes.  I hope to decrease that to sub 8 minutes.  I know I could if only I could get the hang of linking my kipping pullups together.  Once I reach a sub 8 minute Fran, then I’ll up the weight.  That’s the plan, anyway.

Eva’s Going To Burn Me

14 May

I’m dreading today’s CrossFit!


Five rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
2 pood Kettlebell swing, 30 reps
30 Pull-ups

I’m down with the 1/2 mile runs and the Kettlebell swings (which, honestly, I’ll have to scale.)  I’m even down with the pullups.  What concerns me is the VOLUME of pullups; five rounds of 30 pullups each round equates to ONE HUNDRED FIFTY pullups at the end of it all.  And the only way to complete this is to kip my pullups.  History has shown me that when I kip, I rip.  And I’m not talking farts.  My SKIN literally gets ripped off.

I’ve tried everything from heavy chalking to taping but I still end up bleeding with a piece of dangling skin.  See that spot of black seeping through the tape?  That would be blood.

I know the simple solution would be to wear gloves to PREVENT skin rips and calluses.  Been there, done that, it didn’t work.  Plus, Rippetoe says, “The only legitimate use for a glove is to cover an injury… A desire to prevent callus formation (possibly so as to not snag one’s pantyhose) does not constitute a legitimate use. And if you do insist on wearing gloves, make sure they match your purse.”  Luckily for me, my gender is such that I can actually get away with carrying a purse to the gym.

Wish me luck.  Eva’s gonna rip me a new one.